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San Jose, which in Spanish means Saint Joseph, is a beautiful city on the West Coast. It is surrounded by rolling hills of Silicon Valley, which is famous all over the world for its technology-based firms. San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley. I was surprised to find that San Jose is bigger than San Francisco. However, it is much less dense, so be prepared to get a suburban feel when visiting this city on the West Coast. Spanish found this city way back in 1777, and it still retains a lot of Spanish influence in its culture and architecture.

A picture of Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose, CA.

San Jose Rose Garden

I was told not to miss out on Municipal Rose Garden, the Best American Rose Garden. Rose Garden is the name of a neighborhood in the city where you will see palm trees and beautiful homes with extensive manicured gardens. We played a part in conjunction with a concrete pumping San Jose company to accomplish this. I was amazed by the beauty and the sight of large numbers of rose plants inside the 5.5 acres Rose Garden.

Winchester Mansion and Santana Row

An image of Santana Row in San Jose, CA.

Both these tourist attractions are close to one another. I was amazed by the size and money spent on making Winchester Estate by its owner Sarah Winchester who spent nearly 38 years in a bid to create a structure that could drive away from the spirits of victims killed by the rifle of her late husband. I was dizzy and disoriented after spending about half an hour in this mansion where I saw hallways, stairs leading up to the ceilings, and windows opened in the dead end.

Santana Row is a shopping street where I did not purchase a single item but still felt good and became fresh and charged up after a stroll.

Wine Tasting Tour

San Jose is famous all over the world for its craft beer, and being a lover of alcoholic drinks, I did not want to miss out on this tour. There are many mountain top wineries in San Jose, where you can have fun sipping on the tasty local beers and wines. If you want to mingle with the locals, you can take a tour of the finest breweries inside the city through ride share or a bike tour of San Jose. Most of the wineries close by 5 in the evening, so make sure you start a little early to reach the mountain top wineries by 2 PM latest.

Raging Waters

Even though the weather conditions in San Jose remain lovely all through the year with nearly 200 days of sunshine, you cannot miss the thrill and adventure of this water park in the city. Spread over an area of 23 acres, I was amazed to see the giant rides and other entertainment features inside this water park. Raging Waters is a perfect place if you are looking for fun for the entire family consisting of kids.

San Jose was not as fast-paced as San Fran, but it was undoubtedly friendlier and more vibrant.

Wait for my next blog on another place on West Coast.

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