Adventures in Sacramento and Fair Oaks

Hi friends. This is Marcos again, taking you down memory lane to the time when I visited Sacramento, yet another beautiful city and the capital of California during my visit to the West Coast. Sacramento is not as big as New York or Los Angeles, but it is a city where you feel good as it is not very crowded and also easy to commute. 

An image of Sacramento view.

Capitol Building and Capitol Park

Undoubtedly, the Capitol Building is the most important in Sacramento. It is the seat of the government of California, one of the most impressive buildings in Sacramento. Capitol Park houses not just the Capitol Building but also several museums and the magnificent city park with a mindboggling variety of trees. There is also a majestic rose garden and the lush garden inside the park. I spent several hours walking in the park and found the Capitol Building mesmerizing. You will fall in love with Capitol Park if you are a political buff. 

California State Railroad Museum

I have never seen anything like this museum in Sacramento. Spread over a massive area of 100000 sq ft, this railroad museum houses locomotives and coaches belonging to different eras. The railroads used to travel from Sacramento and through Fair Oaks where a tree service Fair Oaks company took down all the trees for the railroads. Mind you; these are not a replica but real engines where you can not only watch them from close quarters but also go inside many of the wagons. I went there during summer, so I was fortunate to get a chance to ride a steam train that gave us a joyride along the Sacramento River

A picture of Railroad Museum in California.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park

My friends told me not to miss out on this park, and so I went to see the Old Sacramento State, Historical Park. Located inside Old Sac, this park has been converted into a tourist spot with not only shops and restaurants but also attractions like riverboats, bike treks, horse carriage, and railroads. This park is living proof of the history of Sacramento with many fun-filled activities for the tourists. 

Crocker Art Museum 

I went to check out this museum as I am a lover of art. It is a private museum that was created out of the artifacts donated by Margaret Crocker to the government of California. Here I saw a mind-blowing collection of art pieces belonging to Californian and American art and European and Asian art. The building itself looks marvelous with magnificent architecture to mesmerize the visitors. 

A Ride on Sac Brew Bike

This is a ride that I will never forget in my life. Sac Brew Bike is a bike with a capacity to seat 15 passengers. It is a sort of private moving bar that gives a joy ride to the passenger to some of the most popular bars in midtown Sacramento. It was a fun-filled trip of the city with all passengers pushing the paddles and going to the bars to taste some of the most excellent craft beers. 

I will be back soon with my adventures in another city on the West Coast.

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