Travel Experience in Newport Beach

Hi friends. Welcome to my blog, where I have been sharing my experiences of the trip to the West Coast. My last stop on the journey happened to be Newport Beach, a city famous for its beautiful beaches suitable for surfing and Balboa Island, where tourists enjoy shopping and dining features. After this trip, I can say that Newport Beach can indeed be the surfing capital of the world.

An image of Newport Beach.

Balboa Island

Balboa Island is indeed the first tourist attraction of Newport Beach. I took a ferry ride to reach this island, which in itself is a waterfront community with many shops and restaurants. They have an excellent entertainment feature called Fun Zone, where there are joy rides and arcades for the enjoyment of the tourists. I spent time on the white sandy beaches surrounding the island and enjoyed delicious seafood served by the restaurants.

Enjoy Frozen Banana

Newport Beach is famous all over the West Coast for the frozen banana dessert sold here. They call it Balboa Bar, which I found to be a vanilla brick of ice cream dipped in chocolate and covered with lots of delicious toppings. I received my Balboa Bar on a stick, and I loved this dessert that is sold as a frozen banana.

Visit the Mall called Fashion Island

I was told about this open-air mall in Newport Beach by my friends, so I decided to go there. I must say that this is a shopping destination where you will have a wonderful time whether you need something for you or not. Fashion Island has large numbers of shops and restaurants and bars to have fun with your friends.

A picture of Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

Experience the Wedge

If you love water and water sports, you cannot miss this fantastic place in Newport Beach. It is a section of the beach in this city that is known for its massive waves. Sometimes waves can go as high as 30 feet. I was taken aback when told that these massive waves are not natural but a jetty in a nearby area. The Wedge also offers excellent opportunities for surfing. But I was more interested in the large number of people who gather on the beach to cheer all those taking part in water sports.

Inspiration Point

This is a place in Newport Beach that is popular among the locals as well as tourists for its scenic views of the ocean and the mesmerizing sunset. Despite being near the coastline, Inspiration Point is lush green with benches available to the visitors to sit and enjoy the natural scenery.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is a prevalent activity in Newport Beach. There are operators in Newport Beach that organize whale watching tours at very reasonable prices. I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of whales from close quarters. I captured the images and also made videos for sharing with my folks back in Greece.

I hope you all have enjoyed my travel experiences on the West Coast. I shall be back again soon.

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