Unforgettable Visit to Los Angeles

Hi friends, this is Marcos again at your service, this time with my unforgettable visit to Los Angeles, the city of dreams. LA is a massive city of California that is home to Hollywood and many world-famous studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Pictures. But there is more to Los Angeles than just Hollywood, as I found out during my visit to this magnificent city on the West Coast. Los Angeles is packed with so many tourist attractions that you are better off if you plan.

Tour to a Hollywood Studio

A picture of Hollywood Studio in Los Angeles California.

For every tourist, a visit to one of the famous Hollywood studios is a must. By visiting one of these studios, you get a chance to see behind the scenes as they take you to the sets of movies and TV shows that were shot inside these studios. If you have a LA tourist pass, a visit to one of Hollywood studios is either free or made available at minimal prices. I chose Warner Brothers and got a chance to see the locations of many of my favorite movies and TV shows. They also took me to interactive exhibits that were very enjoyable.

Echo Park Lake

Although not a very exciting place to be in, this park in LA is visited by many tourists as a picnic spot. I was impressed with the man-made body of water inside this park, where there were paddle boats and lots of ducks. There is also a beautiful fountain inside this park, which is a perfect place for a date or a picnic with family and friends.

Angeles National Forest

Since I was fond of natural scenery, I decided to experience this massive park in LA and spread over an area of 1000 sq miles. There are more than 50 exciting trials here for joggers and bikers. This park offers opportunities to indulge in many exciting activities like hiking, biking, boating, running, and skiing.

A picture of National Forest in Los Angeles California.

La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

In this museum, you will see tar pits that have been bubbling with hot tar for thousands of years. The museum also showcases fossils and bones of animals that were trapped inside these tar pits long ago. I was amazed to see the bones of many extinct animals exhibited inside this museum. There are food trucks inside the museum to serve delicious tacos to the visitors.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Being an avid fan of automobiles, I decided to pay a visit to this museum in Los Angeles. I loved the experience, and if you are a motor enthusiast, you will not forget this visit for the rest of your life. The museum has rotating exhibits, which means that no individual has the same experience when visiting the museum for a 2nd time. There is a section called Vault, where I saw nearly 250 antique cars. The architecture of the building housing Petersen Automotive Museum is mesmerizing.

Stay tuned to give me a chance to share my experiences of my visit to other places on the West Coast.

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