Five Turf Tourist Attractions Worth Paying a Visit in Folsom

Folsom is a city in California known for its outdoor and recreational activities, dining choices, shopping malls, and, most importantly, cultural events that take place almost all around the year. Encompassing a total area of 95 miles, the city’s trails offer tourists with spectacular views of the lakes, landscapes, and rivers in Folsom. Apart from the trails, other attractions of the city include wildlife sanctuaries, museums, historic parks, and aquatic centers.

Below Mentioned are Some of the Best Tourist Attractions Worth Paying a Visit in Folsom

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary 

Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is a great place to visit for tourists traveling with kids. Though small, the Zoo Sanctuary houses enough animals to keep your young ones excited. There are many spots for pets to come visit as well where there is Folsom turf installation done for animals to pee on. It is known as Zoo Sanctuary because it allows visitors to look at the animals and allows them to donate funds or perform volunteer services such as cleaning cages, surrounding facilities, etc. It is a place where kids can have fun watching animals and help their care-takers.

Harris Center

Harris Center is a must-visit place for tourists who love music. It consists of three stages, and each stage often showcases a different act. It is the most popular arts center in Folsom city, where both amateurs and seasoned artists perform regularly. Performances include music, singing, dancing, theatre, and more. The main aim of the Harris Center is to discover and promote local talent to the world, and hence, every ticket bought serves as a helping hand in encouraging the new talent.

Folsom Prison Museum

Though it sounds like a weird place to visit, the Folsom Prison Museum is one of the most exciting attractions in the city. It showcases the various items and weapons confronted by the prisoners as well as items made by them. The museum also features memorabilia of the great American singer and songwriter Johnny Cash, who sang his famous song, “Folsom Prison Blues” here, not once, but twice! There is also a small gift shop located inside the premises where you can buy some unique items made by the inmates to take home.

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area is located near the Folsom city center and surrounds the ever beautiful Folsom Lake. If you are a nature lover, this is the place you want to be. Here, tourists can take part in various outdoor activities such as water sports, hiking, biking, horse riding, or simply walking around admiring the beauty of nature. It is a family-friendly place where visitors can spend some quality time relaxing or picnicking.

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail is the most beautiful and the most popular trail in Folsom. It is a perfect place to explore both the wild and cool sides of the city. Filled with numerous mountains, wetlands, ponds, lakes, woods, and wild animals, this trail is a go-to place for adventure seekers. Less adventurous tourists can have fun walking, biking, or skating along the pavements and capturing the breathtaking views in their cameras.

A tour to Folsom is definitely worth your time and money. Its unique attractions and friendly locals are bound to make your visit a special one to remember for a very long time!

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