Tour in San Jose

San Jose, which in Spanish means Saint Joseph, is a beautiful city on the West Coast. It is surrounded by rolling hills of Silicon Valley, which is famous all over the world for its technology-based firms. San Jose is the heart of Silicon Valley. I was surprised to find that San Jose is bigger than San Francisco. However, it is much less dense, so be prepared to get a suburban feel when visiting this city on the West Coast. Spanish found this city way back in 1777, and it still retains a lot of Spanish influence in its culture and architecture.

A picture of Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose, CA.

San Jose Rose Garden

I was told not to miss out on Municipal Rose Garden, the Best American Rose Garden. Rose Garden is the name of a neighborhood in the city where you will see palm trees and beautiful homes with extensive manicured gardens. We played a part in conjunction with a concrete pumping San Jose company to accomplish this. I was amazed by the beauty and the sight of large numbers of rose plants inside the 5.5 acres Rose Garden.

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