Experiences from my Trip to San Francisco

Hey friends, this is Marcos again with some more interesting facts and experiences from my trip to the West Coast in America. My next stop was San Francisco, also referred to as merely SF or San Fran by the locals. It is a large city that is the cultural and also the commercial hub of the state of California. I was super excited when visiting San Francisco, and I must say that I was more than happy and satisfied with fond memories of the beautiful city and its people after my visit.

Golden Gate Bridge

The first thing that most visitors do in San Francisco is to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge. It is the most famous bridge in the entire world, with a span of nearly 1.7 miles. There are many places to get a stunning view of this famous landmark of the city, and I used the following four points to catch a glimpse of this landmark.

  • Go through the bridge on a bike to reach Sausilito
  • Go to Crissy Field which is a sandy beach and gives picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Go to Baker Beach, and you will find that form there Golden Gate Bridge looks different and beautiful
  • Go to Battery Spencer to get a mesmerizing view of this landmark
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