Memories of My Trip to Carlsbad

Hey friends, this is Marcos again to share the memories of my trip to the West Coast. The next leg of my journey was Carlsbad, a beautiful coastal city just 35 miles north of San Diego in California. It is a top-rated tourist destination famous for its caves called Carlsbad Cavern lying inside Carlsbad Cavern National Park. Carlsbad is also referred to as the Titanium Valley because of the presence of a large number of Golf equipment making companies. 

Legoland California

This theme park in Carlsbad is a must-visit place for the tourists. I was anxious to explore this Miniature Park and aquarium. I must say that it is merely spellbinding for kids and adults alike. I loved all the majestic rides and other features of entertainment. I am not a kid anymore, but if I was thrilled to pieces during this visit, you could simply imagine how young kids feel when they are inside this theme park. 

Legoland California

Flower Fields

Carlsbad is also known as the Flower Capital of the U.S, and I found that this nickname suits Carlsbad perfectly after visiting the Flower Fields. I was fortunate enough to visit Carlsbad during the year when this flower filed is open for the visitors. This flower field spreads over an area of 50 acres and is famous for its giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers. Parking is free, but the entrance ticket costs $14 for adults. It is hard to describe the beauty of this flower field that was covered in a rainbow of colors with flowers. 

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My Trip to San Diego

Hi. I am Marcos, a young 22-year-old guy from Kythnos Island, Greece. I am an avid traveler, having visited a lot of places in the last few years. I have set up this blog to write about the adventures I had while traveling to the West Coast in the United States. There is a lot to see and do on West Coast, also called the Pacific Coast, which covers the very long coastline spread over five states: California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii. This particular blog is dedicated to my trip to San Diego, the 2nd largest city on the West Coast. 

Coronado Island

No matter how short your visit to San Diego, do not miss this beautiful place in the city. It is a village on the seaside that is worth a visit. You need to cross a bridge called Coronado Bridge to reach this neighborhood to witness mesmerizing coastal life. I was stunned by the beautiful views of the North and South Bay. I also enjoyed the pristine Hotel Del Coronado, which has a lovely ice cream store. I loved the scenic beaches as well as the ferry ride during this trip. 

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